Foxes of the Central Valley

Including 93 original color photos and diagrams by the author himself, Foxes in Central California is an overview of central California foxes, fox habitat and fox habits.

From the preface:

In 2003 I began using infrared and heat sensing cameras to document the presence of foxes in their natural habitat. More than 250 photographs of foxes in more than 40 locations have been acquired, along with hundreds of photos of other animals. Photographs and intense field research brought into focus how closely foxes are associated with the entire wildlife community. It soon became apparent that I could not consider foxes isolated from other animals. And so, even though foxes are the main characters, the book has developed into a general review of San Joaquin Valley wildlife.

Material is presented in three parts comprising a review of information found in books and manuals, an account of my own research and observation including a review of conditions that exist today, and a personal evaluation.

Robert Edminster, September, 2007

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